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Israel Discount Bank is the third largest bank and a leading financial group in Israel. With nation-wide coverage and a strong and growing domestic franchise, Discount Bank provides a full spectrum of corporate and retail financial products and services to its clients, both in Israel and in key financial centers around the world.



“The digital signage network enables us to communicate better with our customers, providing them with updated information about the bank's various services and programs. The network helps us stay competitive and meet our business challenges, using advanced technologies.”

- Roni Peled, Advertising and Marketing Manager, Israel Discount Bank



The Objective

The bank decided to establish a country-wide digital signage network at the bank’s headquarters and branches in Israel, to provide customers and employees with updated information and ads.

The Challenge

To provide the branches with customized content to fit the specific needs of the various branches and departments, communicating with both customers and employees. The entire network had to be deployed in a short time.

The Solution

Based on C-nario Messenger, C-nario’s* flagship digital signage platform, C-nario and CTV, a provider of digital signage network solutions, established the network which includes  the bank’s headquarters and 130 branches. The branches receive 600 channels with video and audio information, and an additional 100 channels are transmitted to the bank’s headquarters. Each branch has between 1-6 screens and 1-2 audio channels. It can also receive various combinations of video and audio channels. 
The Network Operations Center (NOC), which is the project’s control center, is operated by CTV and is located at CTV’s headquarters.  
The entire network was deployed in a record time of two months. The project was deployed automatically from the Network Operating Center, by sending a dedicated installation patch that absorbed the local specifications from each branch server, and conducted the installation automatically.

Digital Signange Content

The content is generated mainly by CTV while some of it is generated by the bank. The content is customized to fit the specific needs of the various branches and their departments. Content includes various bank ads, atmosphere clips, external resources such as news from the Web, and Israel’s Channel 2 (TV) news, broadcast four times a day. Each branch also receives 1-2 background music channels.

The bank’s digital signage network includes an e-learning program as well. Once a week, the bank produces an internal communications movie with video and audio information for the employees. CTV sends it to a dedicated channel in each branch. Each branch manager receives a code via SMS, and when he sends back the code (via SMS), the movie is displayed at the branch within seconds. In addition, the bank’s digital signage network serves the queuing system in each branch and displays the queuing status.


The digital signage network enables the bank to better serve its customers, providing them with updated information about the various services and programs of the bank. In addition, the network enables the bank to update and train the employees. The network has opened new horizons for effective and targeted communication based on business rules, location and audience.

*C-nario was acquired by YCD in October 2011.

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