Zurich International Airport keeps busy travelers informed in real time and entertained during down time

About Zurich International Airport

Zurich Airport, also known as Kloten Airport, is Switzerland's largest international airport, and Swiss International Air Lines principal hub. In 2011, it is estimated that Zurich Airport handled 24.34 million passengers, many of which were transit passengers.

At a Glance



“YCD|Messenger is an optimal and a very reliable solution that best matches our needs. We were highly impressed with YCD|C-nario-based products in leading airports worldwide and the high-quality capabilities and ease of use of YCD|Messenger. The results speak for themselves.”

 - Christian Barlocher, head of Marketing Communications at Zurich Airport



  • YCD l C-nario Messenger manages hundreds of screens detailing accurate real-time flight data from a single, central platform
  • For waiting passengers, screens in lounges display entertainment content
  • Engaging advertising content is displayed on a seven-screen perspective axis using 56” HD LCD screens for maximum impact
  • The Upperdeck restaurant uses a YCD I Wall display to dramatic effect that attracts, entertains and informs diners.

The Challenge

Ensuring the travelers have the most up-to-date flight information is an absolute necessity for any airport. In one as busy and with as many transit passengers is Zurich does, it’s imperative.  With the Swiss’ adherence to punctuality and accuracy, ensuring precision communications is foremost on their list of objectives. Zurich International Airport was looking to achieve this with a high-reliability solution that could be managed centrally.

YCD Solution

The airport selected the comprehensive YCD I C-nario Messenger solution to power the system that manages hundreds of screens detailing accurate real-time data for arrivals and departures. The system also includes screens in the baggage claim, providing travelers with up-to-date information, as well as advertising space within the airport. In addition, screens disbursed throughout the terminal display live sporting events and live news programs to entertain those waiting for flights.

Most recently, Upperdeck Restaurant, one of the airport’s latest additions to its commercial area, has deployed a massive 28-screen horizontal video wall. Real-time flight information is seamlessly incorporated with awe-inspiring imagery from a cloud’s view, to stunning effect. Visible from around the airport, the video wall is used as a design centerpiece that attracts visitors to the restaurant and keeps them informed.

YCD I C-nario Messenger enables all screens at the airport to be centrally managed by Zurich airport's media manager and Clear-Channel, a Swiss media company. Considered a single comprehensive system, the entire network is comprised of stand-alone displays, video walls and collages. In addition to providing essential information to travelers, it also includes a unique digital advertising medium called Ad-e-motion, developed by Clear Channel. The addition of an advertising platform, in the form of a seven-screen perspective axis of 56” high definition LCD screens, is part of the results-oriented system that the YCD I C-nario Messenger software controls.


First and foremost, Zurich Airport is able to meet communicate with there passengers in real time to help provide them with the smooth and satisfactory travel experience they seek. Beyond that, advertisers are highly impressed by the overwhelming impact that the digital signage network has on passengers. The attention-grabbing video displays that engage visitors with their super high-definition visual performance, in addition to their strategic locations all contribute to high levels of satisfaction all around.

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